I'm a freelance designer creating illustration, lettering, patterns and products for fun people and companies who are looking to make the world a happier place.  
I have a BFA in graphic design and worked for 8+ years as a freelancer for some amazing brands and companies. My favorite thing has been working with and boosting up women owned creative businesses, and I hope to do it forever.
These days you can find me renovating my mid-century modern home, tending to my bees and garden, learning to cook authentic Italian cuisine, launching my mom + son brand Sack Lunch Club, and getting creative on Instagram.
If you’re interested in collaborating and working with me please reach out to me via email
Grazie mille!
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Promptly Journals | Work + Wonder | House That Lars Built | Q.Noor | Deseret Book | Adobe | The Fox Group | Salt |  Silhouette | Post Accessories | Piper & Scoot
My friend Lauren and I created the Design Beat podcast to showcase fellow women creators in the industry. I promise, your ears won't be disappointed.
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